Centerboard Pin Break

08/13/2018.  As I said before, the prep continues.  We were successfully in getting Cricket in the water for the first time.  I was planning on motoring out of the harbor, but when testing the Centerboard operation, the knob that’s used to lock and unlock the centerboard, broke. 

After using some spray lubricant to free up the pin and a little J. B Weld to secure the knob, the Centerboard is working again.

The dark area you see, I believe, is where a small lock-out pin was installed so the pin could be pulled out and rotated while the centerboard was being lowered or raised.  This would keep the pin from accidentally locking back into the reel.   For now, it is not a problem as the pin is not spring loaded and it is easy enough to hold while changing centerboard positions.  Especially, since I only plan on using the boat for cruising, not racing.

So, a successful pick up and drop in the water…then, picked back up and put on the trailer.  No sailing yet, but the bridle from Stewart Marine takes the worry out of hoisting.