1 Step Closer to the Water

The process has taken a lot longer than I anticipated and certainly longer than I had hoped.  Although, I continue to learn more about Cricket and how she is built.  And, that is a good thing.

Yesterday, I moved Cricket to the Mobile Yacht Club, Mobile, Alabama, and placed her in a permanent parking space close to the lift.  Today, with the help of friend Capt. Doug Dabney, we stepped the mast and I finished up with installing the boom, lines and other assorted items in preparation of her first voyage with me onboard.

How many more days before she goes in the water?  That is a great question.  I still need to rig up a few things, buy a few supplies to comply with safe boating and just get to the point in my “preflight” (sorry, for aviation terminology) when I feel it’s time to hoist her into the water.

I have been told  I overthink everything…even the simple stuff, and that is probably true.  So, that should add a day or two.

Stay tuned…for more on the Adventures of Cricket.


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